Can you list of abilities after opening third eye?

I’m going to try to open my third eye.. If I open my third eye then i have to train myself to get some abilities, right?
So far i know that reading ppl’s mind and reiki from third eye.. what other abilities? thx
If i read any insult or nothing relate to this topic.. I’ll laugh my ass off because you waste few seconds to type worthless commets..

Many refer to the Brow Chakra (called Ajana, meaning to perceive and command) as the Third Eye Chakra. This chakra, when opened and cleared can help you to experience more in life than what the five senses will relate to you. Some things that may be easier to learn after opening the Ajana are lucid dreaming, astral travel, clear visions in meditation, divination. (When this chakra is opened it’s like "opening your mind". It will enhance the abilities most of us already have, but may be unaware of.) If you are adept at meditation, I’d suggest you meditate with a sodalite crystal taped to your Brow Chakra (this crystal is a corresponding crystal to this area and will help open and clear the Ajana). Meditation is the first step in opening and clearing you chakras, so mastering meditation will be your first step. If you need help with learning this skill, as always, I recommend "Inner Temple of Witchcraft" by Christopher Penczak (the book and the CDs by the same name. The guided meditations are phenomenal tools.) I have a book called Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies" by Sue and Simon Lilly that is an excellent source for learning about Chakras and the correct corresponding crystals. Happy studying and Blessed be.

***Practicing Witch of many years