Reiki and Christianity?

I find it odd that most christians demonize Reiki. It is believed that Reiki is the form of healing used by Jesus. In the sermon of the mount Jesus even says "all that I have done, you can do. Go, and be fishers of men."

He trained his 12 disciples to HEAL people and yet, modern healers today are dismissed as anti christian loonies.

Ironic, is it not?
For those of you who doubt, Reiki does work. I have lost count of the people I have helped. And yes, I encourage my patients to seek medical attention. I like having doctors come to me and ask how I have healed their patient.

it is very ironic
but the answer I usually get with things like healing etc is …
if it doesnt come from God it is from the devil
so anyone who is not Christian is not recieving these gifts from anyone but Satan

what Satan wants to heal people for , I have no idea