What is the difference between reiki and qi gong?

I know they are both energy healing, but which is better? I’ve had reiki before and was pleased with the results. thanks.

Reiki is where you channel the UNIVERSAL Energy (positive Energy) and
Qi Gong is where you channel your OWN Energy.

In both techniques, the energy is used to balance your chakras and to give you a better physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health.

I don’t know which is better as both techniques – when used properly and on a daily basis – give excellent results.
I use both :
Reiki for meditation, relaxation and a healthier me;
Qi Gong before doing my daily exercices in order to be healthier too.
Both techniques relax and make you feel balanced and happy.

Hope this helps
Edit :
Reiki :you can have a Reiki treatment by a Reiki practioner or a Reiki Master or you can learn and become a Reiki Level 1 practioner after being attuned by a Reiki Master. Level 1 gives you the ability to treat yourself.
Qi-Gong asks for very slow movements and has to be taught by a Master or someone who knows how to practice Qi Gong correctly to ensure that you do it properly and progressively otherwise you may feel uncomfortable and sick.